2 Chronicles 8 (January 8)

                                                               Free Forever

            “But of the people of Israel Solomon made no slaves.”

            There is nothing more beautiful than freedom.  In their pursuit of freedom the people of Israel journeyed through the desert for 40 years.  In a desperate search for freedom, thousands of Cubans have risked their lives crossing the Florida Strait in homemade rafts and small vessels.  For the cause of freedom, millions have shed blood throughout history.

            Christ shed His blood in order to give us absolute freedom.  In Him we have freedom from the penalty of sin, freedom from hell, and eternal death.  We were servants of the devil, and his Kingdom of darkness and evil, but when we believed in Jesus; we were made children of light, children of freedom.

            King Solomon understood that the people of Israel were free.  Therefore he used foreigners as slaves and not the Israelites.  Solomon did the right thing, after all; how could he enslave the people whom God had redeemed?

            We too as Christians are also free and nobody can enslave us.  Not even the devil with all his power could ever enslave a child of God. They can put us in jail or in concentration camps, but even there we can raise our voices in praise to our God as Paul and Silas did in the Philippi prison.

            No one has the power to make us their slaves, but we can enslave ourselves.  If we are not strong in the faith, we are putting our freedom at risk.  Do you remember how many times the people of Israel complained to Moses and wanted to return to Egypt, to the onions…to slavery? 

            Could we be that foolish to want to go back to being slaves of sin?  May it never be!

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