2 Kings 17 (November 26)


            “Turn from your evil ways…”

            One day, I heard an incredible statement from one of my favorite pastors.  He said,

            “From now on, there shall be no more invitations or altar calls from this pulpit.  I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit will touch the hearts and bring the souls, so there is no need for me to call anyone to accept Christ!”

            Although I loved (he went home to Jesus) and respected this phenomenal preacher, I did not agree with him on this decision.  Three months later, he reverted to the traditional format, after realizing the foolishness of his “proposition.”  He continued to call sinners to repent and believe in Christ, until the day he died.

            The Bible is filled with invitations from God.  Since Adam’s sin, God has been calling humanity to repent from their sins, to remember his love, and to return to Him in faith and with love.

            You have probably received quite a few invitations yourself.  There are invitations for just about anything—from birthday, weddings and all those “showers,” to graduations, banquets and a host of events and ceremonies.

            Yet, the greatest invitation of all comes from God.  No, he didn’t send you a fancy and engraved post-card or a “Hallmark” card from heaven.  He chose instead to send his own Son to announce to the whole world, that God loves us (John 3:16). If this is not enough and if you still insist in wanting a lovely card from God, then read the Bible—it was written for you.

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