A Touch of Oil (Leviticus 2)

            “You shall add oil to it…”

            I enjoy eating bread.  There are many varieties I like, such as Cuban, French, Italian, White Mountain, garlic, etc. I can eat these breads with or without butter, but my favorite additive is olive oil.

            Olive oil (and a little touch of salt or black pepper) brings up the flavor to another dimension.  Any type of bread “anointed” with, or dipped in olive oil becomes a delicacy, a delicious and mouthwatering feast.  Olive oil can transform dry bread into a meal coveted by everyone.

            Oil was indispensable for the grain offerings; without oil they were unacceptable.  The oil was added to the flour, or it was mixed with it, to make unleavened cakes and wafers.  As you know, it is impossible to bake bread or cakes without some kind of oil.

            It is also impossible to be a Christian or live the Christian life without the Holy Spirit.  In the Old Testament, the oil was used for some offerings and to anoint Kings and priests.  In the New, the Holy Spirit replaced this archaic use of oil

            We are anointed with the Holy Spirit today!  To be anointed is to be filled and empowered by the Spirit, to serve God in a mighty way.  We need to pray and ask God to fill us with his Holy Spirit every day, so we can become very effective and powerful Christians.

            Is your life a bit dry and tasteless today?  Ask God for a “touch of oil.” He will not anoint your head with olive oil or give you a second baptism with the Spirit, but he will fill us with his Spirit and we shall become powerful, useful and pleasing to God.

            A. G.

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