Two Outfits (Leviticus 18)


“You shall not uncover the nakedness…”

A Pastor asked the following question during a worship service:

“Who would like to be an immoral person?”  No one raised their hands.

Undaunted, the pastor asked yet another question,

“Who would like to live in holiness for the Lord?”

There was a unanimous vote.

Most Christians I know, desire the same thing, but only very few are able to practice holiness consistently.  Why? For the same reason that holiness doesn’t come to our lives just because we wish to be holy.  It takes prayer, meditation in God’s word and active pursuit, in the midst of a tempting and darkened world.

God prohibited the Israelites to uncover anybody’s nakedness (except the spouse), simply because as humans we have a strong tendency to sin.  Pornography has ruined the lives of many believers including well known Christian leaders.  We are called to be an example to the world, but an example of holiness and love, not of adultery, divorce and immorality.

God demands holiness from his church today!  If we fix our eyes on Jesus, then we won’t look to pornography in any of its manifestations.  Remember that God is holy and we are holy in Christ, therefore we must live in holiness.

Every morning of your life there will be two different outfits waiting to be chosen by you.  One is beautiful on the outside and it’s called “Immorality.”  The other one is glorious inside and it is made by God:  “Holiness.”

Which one will you wear?

A. G.

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