Two Birds (Leviticus 14)

            “…one of the birds to be slaughtered…take the living bird…”

            When a person was cleansed from leprosy, he or she was required to bring two living birds.  The first (and innocent) bird was slaughtered, to symbolize the “death” of leprosy.

            The second bird was “baptized” in the blood of the dead bird, along with the yarn and the hyssop.  With these, the priest would sprinkle the ex-leprous and then, the living bird was set free to fly into the open fields.

            The bird that was slaughtered represents:

  1. A historical event (the death of Jesus on the cross).
  2. A doctrinal truth (Christians must die to sin).

            When Jesus died on the cross he was “killing” or defeating sin at the same time.  He died (like the bird did) for the “leprous” (sinful) people of this world, who were sentenced to eternal death and were servants of the devil.  Those who believe in Jesus are now free from sin forever.

            Yes, free as the bird that flew over the open fields.  We are free from sin, not free to sin.  We are free by the perfect sacrifice of our Lord Jesus. We are free to love and serve God all the days of our lives!

            Let us, then, brethren, keep the dead bird (the flesh), dead.  Do not feed the old man in you, but make sure that the new man (the living bird) is well fed with the Eternal and Living Seed (the Word of God).  Let the divine “Dove” (the Holy Spirit) fly freely in your heart, so that you may rejoice in your new life of freedom and power.

             A. G.

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