Dreams and Visions (Genesis 37)   

            “Once Joseph had a dream…”

            The children of God would do well to imitate Joseph.  He was a man of God in good and in bad times.   Joseph was faithful to the Lord wherever he was; either in his house, in prison, or in the Pharaoh’s court.  God’s desire is that his followers exhibit the same kind of faith and exemplary conduct.

            Joseph was also a dreamer.  To dream is to give wings to our faith; it is to have vision for the future; it is also the ability to look beyond our present circumstances and “seeing” what others can’t see or believe.

            When I refer to “dreams”, I am not alluding to the materialistic ambitions of some (like the American Dream), or to the “prophetic utterances” of others.  The dreams which I am talking about are not even the “quiet times” (e.g., sleep) that some of us practice during sermons.

            What are your dreams today?  I believe there is nothing wrong with dreaming about owning a house, buying a car, getting married, etc.  Nevertheless our dreams must go beyond the confines of our own interests.  We can dream about heaven, about becoming mature believers, about serving God and accomplishing great feats in God’s name.

            “He had another dream…”

            Dreaming is a lifetime experience.  A dream must be kept alive at all costs, because when we stop dreaming, a part of us starts dying.  Never top dreaming, for one day, your dreams may come true, especially if you dream holy dreams.

            A. G.

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