2 Chronicles 26 (January 26)

                                                                      Right on Time

            “…for he was marvelously helped…”

            A few days ago, my wife and I had the privilege of helping a needy elderly woman.  Her car was stranded because she had run out of gas. She was just a few blocks from a gasoline station, but to her it must have seemed like miles.

            As we were driving by, we observed how the little old lady was attempting to push her enormous car…but it wasn’t moving.  Her desperate cries went largely unheeded by drivers and pedestrians alike.

            Then, guided by the Holy Spirit, my wife and I put on our superman costumes and flied to the rescue and …well, it didn’t exactly happened like that, but we were able to help her push the woman’s car all the way to the gas station. 

            We were heroes after all!

            How wonderful it is to receive help in our times of greatest need!  How happy was that lady as a result of our humble aid.  But her happiness pales in comparison to the joy I experience, every time I receive timely, divine assistance.

            Without God’s help we are as “powerful” as a handicapped ant.  I would fall at every step and I would fail every day in everything I do, were it not for the hand of Jesus, holding me at all times.

            Thank you, Lord for your help. Thank you for lifting me up from the ground and for saving me from countless dangers and temptations. Thank you for sending your angels to help us every day. Thank you for your timely assistance. Your help is always on time and never late. Most of all, thank you for rescuing us from eternal death and hell.

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