Hard Work (Leviticus 4)

            “He shall bring…and lay his hands…slaughtered…and sprinkle…”

Sinning is very easy.  We only need to let ourselves be led astray by the passions of the flesh.  Temptation is also very appealing and brings with it the promise of temporary pleasure.  Therefore it’s not difficult to fall into sin.

To pay for sin however, is very difficult, better yet, it is impossible.  Let’s suppose for a moment, that you and I lived during Moses time, and we had to bring an offering to the tabernacle.

First of all, we had to travel to the tabernacle and bring one of our best animals to be sacrificed.  Then we had to place our hands on its head, while we confessed our sins.  After we finished doing that, we had to witness how our favorite animal was slaughtered before our very eyes.

But wait, there is more!  The priest would then dip his finger in the fresh blood, and sprinkle the altar several times.  Finally, we observed how our lamb, OUR LAMB!, was burned in the consuming fire!  When we returned home we watched the long line of sinners (and their sheep), waiting for their turn to offer the sacrifice.

All this hard work had one purpose:  To teach sinners that it does not pay to sin.

A second of pleasure, is not worth the pain of having offended God, or the guilt that we must now carry on our conscience.

To repent, and change is also hard work.  We have to bring our broken hearts to Jesus; place our sins at his altar; slaughter our pride and lust; and finally we must be “sprinkled” or filled with the assurance of his everlasting forgiveness.

A. G.

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