Heavy Load (Leviticus 5)

 “…you are subject to punishment.”

There was a man who was walking down the road with an enormous burden upon his back.  A luxurious chariot that was passing by stopped and the owner, moved by compassion, invited the man to sit with him.

The man thanked him and sat next to him, but apparently forgot to take his load off.  The amazed owner asked him: “Why don’t you drop your burden on the floor?”

This strange event is repeated in the lives of many children of God.  We come to Jesus with repentance and he saves us, but we still carry many of our burdens.

It was Jesus the one who said:

Come to me, all of you that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28).  Jesus came to save us from the wages, and from the weight of sin.

Sometimes we find ourselves carrying an extremely heavy burden.  Our souls cringe under the weight of “secret” sins, and the accumulation of problems and unmet needs.

The Israelites were under punishment until they would be able to offer a sacrifice for their sin.  Until that time arrived, they had to carry their burden of guilt.  What an awful condition in which to live!

What a blessing we have in Jesus!  He can take our burdens, forgive our sins and solve our problems.  He nailed our sins on the cross forever and his hands are free to carry your heavy load.  Give all your burdens to Jesus!

A. G.

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