No Escape (Numbers 32)


“…and be sure your sin will find you out.”

Sin is like our own shadow; we cannot escape from its ominous presence.  We can attempt to hide our sin, and we can try to run from it, but to no avail.  Unconfessed and unforgiven sin will always find us.

A few years ago, they discovered an aged Nazi leader living (or hiding) in South America.  Some of these mass murderers migrated to Brazil, Argentina and some other countries after the war, and remained there for many years.  But their “safety net” was eventually broken, and one by one all of them were arrested and prosecuted.  Their sin found them out.

Brothers and sisters let me ask you today: If these Nazi leaders did not escape human justice after such a long time, how can anyone expect to bypass the divine judgment?

Being a Christian does not give us a license to sin.  When we sin, we can expect to suffer the terrible consequences of our deeds.  Although we cannot lose our salvation, sin always comes with a hefty price tag.

How can we explain this apparent dilemma?  It is easier than it seems.  For example, Christians will never die (spiritually), but they shall experience physical death.  This is a direct result of sin.  The rebellion of Adam found us and brought terrible results.

I will like to close this essay with good news.  One day, our sins will be unable to find us anymore.  We will enter through the gates of glory, but sin cannot follow us into heaven.  We will be free from its evil shadow forever.

A. G.

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