Mighty Fortress (Numbers 31)


“…and not one of us is missing.”

A mighty fortress is our God!  This is not only the title of Luther’s classical hymn, but it’s also a great biblical truth. God is the eternal fortress where all his children find refuge.

When Martin Luther was being persecuted for his new found faith in Christ; when he was surrounded by demons; and when almost everyone was searching for him to destroy his testimony, he found refuge, protection and strength in the Lord Jesus.

God is our Defender and Protector.  His providence is a work of art, and works infinitely much better than a Swiss clock.  In John 10:28, 29 the Bible says that we are in the hands of God.  God’s power keeps us from evil and angels surround those who fear the Lord.  The lesson here is simple; the closer we are to God, the more protection we’ll receive from Him.

This is what happened to Israel in their battle against Midian.  Twelve thousand chosen men went to war, and exactly twelve thousand returned home alive and probably unharmed.  Not one was missing!  Oh, the wonder of God’s immeasurable power!

God protected them, as they were carrying out his will.  Are you doing God’s will in everything? As we work for the Lord, we can expect his mighty hand to guide us, and to keep us from harm.  You may ask, but what about those servants of the Lord that have died while they were serving Jesus?  My only response is that God protected them until death, and then he took them to glory with him forever.

Do you have any other questions?

A. G.

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