“Abel…brought…fat portions.”

            Abel brought his best offering to God. This biblical example of love and devotion is recorded in the pages of the Bible for us to follow. Have you experienced the joy of giving your absolute best to the Lord?

                Our God is good, and when God blesses us (which happens every day), He does it “according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19). In the same manner, God expects the best from us…and nothing less.

                What do you have? Do you have money? Give it to God and he will multiply it and bless you. Do you have time? Give it to the Lord. The week has seven days and one hundred and sixty-eight hours. A mere 10 percent of your time is seventeen hours that you can devote to God’s service. Are you willing to give more time to God? And what about giving your love to God? If we do not love God every second of our lives, we are not giving our best; we are sinning.

                And the Lord had regard for Abel and his offering…”

                How precious it is to know that the Creator of the Universe is pleased with my life. There is nothing better for us to do than to please our heavenly Father with our words and deeds.

                Beautiful are the words: this is my son, the beloved, with whom I am well pleased.” This is the purpose of the Christian life, to worship God with nothing but our best and to always please Him. Is God pleased with your life today; right now?

                What have you done for the Lord lately?

                A. G.

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