Two Voices (Genesis 3)

             “…or you shall die…You will not die”

            Two voices, one from God, the other one from the devil (through the serpent, of course). Two voices, one speaks truth; the other spreads lies, seeks destruction, and brings curse and tragedy.

            To which voice are you listening?

            Is it to the one that speaks to your flesh and deceives you? Or perhaps you are listening to the voice that brings life, salvation, and consolation to your soul. This is God’s voice.

            They heard the sound (voice) of the Lord God…”

            The voice of God calls us. With love God seeks to bring us out from our “hiding places.” Adam and Eve hid also from God. Why? They hid from God simply because they had sinned by following the advice of the wrong voice, forgetting God’s clear command.

            Where are you?”

            God is asking today. What have you done with your life? Some will answer with excuses, some will not even reply, but some, a few, will listen to God’s voice and will answer with repentance, love and renewed commitment.

            Do not hide from God; just listen and reply.

            A. G.

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