“Unlimited” (Numbers 34)


“…defined by its boundaries,”

In the United States and many other countries we can find thousands of rental car agencies.  In these agencies anyone can rent automobiles, trucks or vans, provided they have good credit and money.  You can even choose the model and color of your (rented) car.

At times these agencies offer special deals including “unlimited mileage.”  Multitudes take advantage of this offer, especially those who travel long distances for work or pleasure.

What’s good about this deal is that you pay the same price regardless of how you many miles you drive.  Unfortunately “special deals” usually don’t last very long and the prices go up.

This is not an car rental ad. My purpose is to illustrate God’s infinite grace.

The sons of Israel received an inheritance in Canaan.  The land was distributed according to their tribes and individual families as defined by its boundaries or geographical limitations.

Everything in this world is limited.  Business deals, land, natural resources, etc., but the grace of God knows no bounds.  Romans 5:20 reads, “…but when sin increased, grace abounded all the more.” (Emphasis added).

God’s grace is unlimited over us.  Now we live under the period of Grace, and there is no law against us.  When the devil or storms threaten to drown your “boat” make sure your anchor is fastened in God’s eternal grace.

A. G.

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