On Fire for God (Exodus 18)      

           “Why do you sit alone?”

            Moses, the leader of the people of Israel was getting burned.  No, his “burn” was not the result of the hot Middle East sun, nor was it related to a secret sexual sin.  Moses was a victim of what is commonly known today as a workaholic lifestyle.  He was burned-out and fatigued with too much work.

            When Jethro came to visit his now famous son in-law, he was astounded to see Moses working so hard.  Perhaps Moses was under the delusion that he really was a religious “Superman.”  From sunrise to sunset he heard the complaints and disputes of his people, and he did this every day.

            His wise father in-law gave him the following advice:

  1. Train the people in God’s law.
  2. Delegate in able and responsible men.
  3. Handle only the major cases.

            This is good advice for Christian leaders of our time.  If you are a pastor or a leader in any ministry, you must learn to delegate.  God does not expect for you to do everything, but he requires that everything we do, it’s done well.

            He deserves our very best.

            On the other hand, do not ever attempt to delegate the work that God has called you to perform.  We have a solemn duty to fulfill the ministry that God has entrusted to us individually. We can delegate some of the work, but we must labor alongside with the other heirs of the grace of God. Do your part, do it well, and do it for God’s glory.

             A. G.

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