Two Evil Sisters (Genesis 30)       

            “Rachel…envied her sister…”

            Envy is very similar to a termite.  Both work in the dark, and both eat from the inside out until they provoke complete destruction.  The termite causes havoc in wood, while envy kills the love between brothers and sisters.

            Envy is very prevalent in our schools, in our jobs, in our homes and even in our churches. People envy each other for a host of reasons; from the way they look and the possessions they have, to their talents and successes.

             Leah envied Rachel.  Rachel was younger, prettier and she captured Jacob’s heart. Rachel also envied Leah.  Even though Leah was older and perhaps a bit ugly, she had been blessed by God with the ability to be “fruitful and multiply.”

            When a brother or sister is fruitful in the ministry, this should be an occasion for true rejoicing, not a motive for envy.  To envy someone, is a sign of immaturity and pride.  We must battle daily against our own flesh, in order to be able to recognize that we are not the best in everything.

            Other Christians have better talents than us.  Some preach better, others sing louder and still other teach or serve better.  If they do, then we need to learn to say:  “Hallelujah” and praise God for them.

            Do not worry if others are doing more or less than you.  Instead occupy your time and effort in doing your best for the Lord.  Those who serve God in this manner do not have the time or energy to focus on others.

            Put envy to rest and give to God your very best.

            A. G.

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