More than a Mother (Genesis 28)

                “If God will be with me…”

                I have not met a child yet who says no to candy. They may refuse cookies or chocolates, but candies, no way! In the same manner, I haven’t seen a Christian who does not desire God’s blessings upon his or her life. Jacob, running for his life, needed God’s protection and provision. We need God as much or more than Jacob.

                “Know that I am with you…”

                This is the divine answer for all of our needs. Even before we ask God to help us, he is already with us like a tender shepherd. Jesus promised,

                “And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Matt. 28:20).

                Jesus is with us; in fact, he will never leave us. In our trials and tribulations, he is there; in the days of gladness and joy, he is there; and when the storms that bring sorrow and dark clouds cover our sunny skies, Jesus will be there. His presence will comfort us and his love will give us new strength to carry on.

                “I will not leave you…”

                Jesus is with us and in us forever. His presence is permanent; he is faithful to the end. His name is “Emmanuel,” which means God is always with us (Matt. 1:23). Everyone may forget about us, even our own mothers, but Jesus will never abandon us, not even for a second. If today you are felling that nobody (even God), cares about you, remember that this is just a feeling, not the reality. It is possible to be forgotten and rejected even by the people of God, but that God will leave us is…impossible.

                A. G.

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