This is the sign of the covenant…”

                There is something peculiar about the game of baseball that separates this sport from every competition: signs. Have you attended a game of baseball or watched one at home? Then you probably noticed the manager and the first and third base coaches making all sorts of ridiculous signs. For the casual observer, this is a comical spectacle, but for the batter or runner, these signs are reminders that the coach is in control and that he is directing the course of the game according to his plan.

                The rainbow is the sign of God’s covenant with Noah. This sign pointed to God’s promise of not sending another worldwide flood; this sign tells us that God is still in control of the universe; this sign is a public testimony that God has given humanity a second chance. What is your first reaction when you see a rainbow? Some admire the bright colors, while others don’t even bother looking up. I am thankful to believe in a God that always fulfills His promises and is always ready and willing to offer yet another opportunity to the repentant heart.

                God also made a covenant with us, better known as the New Covenant, which was mediated by Jesus in His complete work of redemption. This is also a second chance, as we now enjoy the benefits of a new life and will enjoy a new home in heaven. Great emphasis is place on the fact that God wiped out almost an entire society, but let us not forget the word almost, for God gave Noah and every future generation a new beginning, a celestial sign, and a second chance.

                 A. G.

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