Secret Santa; Secret Sin (Part 1)

            The “spirit” of Christmas (whatever that is) is beginning to float around our school campus. This spirit loves candies, decorations, food and Santa—oh, how much it loves Santa Claus!

            One of the myriad of activities related to the season is the gift exchange known as “Secret Santa.” Every participant picks up a different name and gives a present to that person anonymously.

            On the surface, this activity seems harmless, fun and good (you are giving gifts to others). Personally, I have nothing against gift giving, even in Nativity (Christmas) time; just as long as we remember that it is not our birthday that it is being celebrated.

            I do have a personal grudge against Santa, however. First of all, he is not real, and celebrating anything associated with Santa (a name that means “holy” or “saint”) is a lie and an insult to Christ.

            This brings me to my second charge against Mr. Claus. He has usurped the place of honor that belongs only to the Child that was born in Bethlehem (Matthew 2:1).

            How would you feel if, in the middle of your own birthday celebration someone else took your place of honor? What would your reaction be if he or she would blow the candles of your cake? Would you be happy if that imposter received all your gifts?

            Isn’t this what happens every season? Is all about a cute deer named Rudolph; or an “adorable” Snowman; or even a funny group of Elves; and of course, Santa—the biggest attraction of all!

            Children (and many adults) line up to seat with Santa at his throne in most malls across America and many other parts of the world. Once they reach his chair, they start praying, I mean, asking him for all sorts of toys and gifts.

            Isn’t this blasphemy?

            I don’t know who the original Claus or Nicholas was. Some say that he was a real good man and a benefactor of poor children in 3rd century Turkey. Others depict him as a legend.

           This world tends to make idols of almost everything. Good men become “saints” and good women (like Mary) become virgins. Santa falls loosely into that category, because he is a secular saint that is honored by unbelievers and many believers alike.

           Let the world celebrate Santa. I will celebrate, honor, worship and obey the Lord Jesus, who came to this world, not to bring us toys, but the best gift of all: Eternal life for those that believe in Him (John 6:47). Every real gift and all blessings come from the Father (James 1:17), not from the so-called “father Christmas” (Santa).    

           Alexander Gonzalez

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