Two Birds (Leviticus 14)

            “…one of the birds to be slaughtered…take the living bird…”

            When a person was cleansed from leprosy, he or she was required to bring two living birds.  The first (and innocent) bird was slaughtered, to symbolize the “death” of leprosy.

            The second bird was “baptized” in the blood of the dead bird, along with the yarn and the hyssop.  With these, the priest would sprinkle the ex-leprous and then, the living bird was set free to fly into the open fields.

            The bird that was slaughtered represents:

  1. A historical event (the death of Jesus on the cross).
  2. A doctrinal truth (Christians must die to sin).

            When Jesus died on the cross he was “killing” or defeating sin at the same time.  He died (like the bird did) for the “leprous” (sinful) people of this world, who were sentenced to eternal death and were servants of the devil.  Those who believe in Jesus are now free from sin forever.

            Yes, free as the bird that flew over the open fields.  We are free from sin, not free to sin.  We are free by the perfect sacrifice of our Lord Jesus. We are free to love and serve God all the days of our lives!

            Let us, then, brethren, keep the dead bird (the flesh), dead.  Do not feed the old man in you, but make sure that the new man (the living bird) is well fed with the Eternal and Living Seed (the Word of God).  Let the divine “Dove” (the Holy Spirit) fly freely in your heart, so that you may rejoice in your new life of freedom and power.

             A. G.

A Holy Look (Leviticus 13)

            “The priest shall examine the disease…”

The duties of a Jewish priest were extremely difficult and time consuming.  A priest was in charge of performing the daily sacrifices, overseeing the activities in the Tabernacle; maintaining a holy and clean life, and even examining people’s diseases.

One of these diseases was leprosy.  Leprosy was a terrible malady that affected the skin, muscles and the nerves.  Leprosy produced ulcers, white scaly scabs, tuberculosis, deformities and eventual paralysis.  And the priest was required to examine leprous people.  What a glamorous job!

Leprosy is considered a symbol of sin, based on its corruptive and destructive influence.  Sin can deform a soul; paralyze a whole city; and bring death and destruction to a nation.  Sin, like leprosy, is extremely contagious and propagates in any given community like wild fire in a forest.

The Christian community has a moral obligation to keep sin in check, just as the priests of old did with leprosy.  To accomplish this, we must examine for signs of moral leprosy, and sinful trends in our society.

This examination or “deep look,” must not proceed out of mere curiosity or for the purpose of criticizing the “filthy pagans.”  Our “priestly” look should be based on God’s love for humanity.  When we look at sinners through God’s eyes, we would not have any other alternative but to love them.  Instead of criticism, there would be prayer and the preaching of the Gospel of salvation in Christ, and in the place of condemnation, they will find a helping hand.

Remember we must hate SIN, not the sinner.

A.  G.

Only My Best  (Leviticus 12)

             “If she cannot afford…”

The Law of Moses required a sacrifice of a lamb from those women who had given birth.  After the forty days of purification, they had to bring their offering to the tabernacle to be cleansed.

God in his mercy and infinite wisdom knew that many women would not be able to afford such an expensive offering.  Therefore he opened an “escape” door if you please, for them.  They could bring little birds instead of a lamb, if they were poor.

In God’s ministry we find three different kinds of Christians.  There is Bob “Does it all,” there is also Jimmy “Does little” and finally we find James “Does his best.”  They represent the entire Christian community, in their different work ethics and philosophy.

Bob “Does it all” typifies those believers that “kill” themselves by working in too many ministries.  They remind me of Carlos who became totally burned-out after over-extending himself in several church departments.  The problem with “Bob” is that he forsakes his family and never finishes his work in any of the ministries.

Jimmy “Does little” represents the vast majority of inactive believers.  They think that by attending church they are serving God or doing him a big favor.  The Christian “Jimmies” do very little work for God, if any at all!

James “Does his best” is the symbol of true Christian servanthood.  Christians, who are like “James” do their best for God and complete the work that He has called them to perform.  Everything they do comes from a grateful heart and it is done with love.  Which type of minister are you?

A. G.

 Snake-Like (Leviticus 11)

            “…creatures that swarm (creep) upon the earth…”

I have discovered a very alarming fact! I have noticed that many people, who call themselves Christians, prefer to creep or slither upon this earth, rather than walking in holiness with God.

It is sad to see children of the Eternal God living in continuous defeat.  They fall into sin, or become slaves to depression or fear.  Is this how we are supposed to live as Christians?

I would venture to say that every believer has fallen at least on a few occasions.  If we are sincere, we must admit that perhaps we have slithered like serpents more times than we have flown like eagles.  God, however, is able to lift us up if we repent.

Brothers and sisters, there is no need to continue living in sin or defeat.  Our God is powerful enough to meet our needs and forgive our sins.  God is in control of our destinies and in Him we are victorious.

There is no room for fear.

Does this mean that we will be happy all the time? Perhaps some can claim that this is their every day experience, but the majority of us experience ups and downs; good days and not-so-good days; victories and defeats.  God knows very well that we are not perfect.

Nevertheless God will not accept “Snake-like-Christians” whose lifestyle seems to be a deliberate attempt to imitate the unbelievers.  A snake was an unholy creature to the Israelites; a snakelike life is not appropriate or good for children of the Lord.

A. G.

Wine? (Leviticus 10)

            “You are to distinguish between the holy and the common…”

The children of the Lord would do well, by distancing themselves as far as possible from wine.  When we say “wine,” we are referring to any substance, situation or person that can affect our judgment in a negative way.

In the Bible we find the pre-requisites to become a minister of God.  Among them, there is the prohibition to indulge ourselves in wine, to the point of becoming drunkards or alcoholics.  Drugs and alcoholic beverages can dominate our minds so much, that we will not be able to discern between good and evil.

God commands the Christians to be “filled with the Spirit” (Ephesians 5:18).  The Holy Spirit is capable to help, comfort, strengthen and empower the believer.  Wine destroys, brings despair and suctions all of our physical and emotional strength.

The Holy Spirit reminds us of Jesus’ words in our times of desperate need.  Wine only reminds us of how miserable and foolish we are!  For these reasons, Christians, and specially ministers, must abstain from any kind of “wine” that can lead to debauchery.

Which “wine” is attempting today to impair your Christian walk? To some it is pornography or drinking alcohol; to others the love of money, or perhaps the sins of the tongue.

God is telling us to forsake anything that dampens or obstructs our precious relationship with him.  Nadab and Abihu died for allowing their pride and rebellion to come between them and the Lord.  Do not allow the “wine” of the world to seduce you and separate you from Christ…Ever!

A. G.