Pastor's Meditations

Blood Bath (Exodus 12)     

            “The blood shall be a sign for you...”

            A child and his faithful dog were traveling through the woods one Saturday afternoon.  They were so happy together!  Suddenly they were attacked by a ferocious wolf, and “Milo,” his dog, jumped in front of the boy to save him.

            Milo fought bravely for an hour, but his courage and love for the boy weren’t enough to defeat the hungry beast.  The boy witnessed terrified, how the wolf devoured his faithful companion, while the blood was splashing all over his trembling body.

            Running for his life, the little boy reached home breathless and bloodstained.

            “What happened?” Screamed the mother.  “Why are you drenched in blood?”

            The boy explained to his mother that the blood belonged to Milo, who had died fighting the wolf.  That blood was a visible sign, that the boy’s life had been spared because somebody else (the dog), had died in his place.

            When Moses told the Israelites to “paint” the doorposts and the lintel of their houses with the blood of a “perfect” lamb, he was foreshadowing the future salvation of the people of God.

            The lamb who died to provide the “saving” blood, typifies Jesus, the Lamb of God, who died for our sins;  and the blood on both sides of the door, reminds us of the cross of Calvary where Jesus hung to save us from hell.

            The blood saved those who were inside the house and under the protection of the blood. If you want to be saved, you must come to the cross to be cleansed by His blood.

           Have you taken your blood bath yet?

           A. G.

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Sheep or Goat? (Exodus 11)       

            “...the Lord makes a distinction...”

            The plagues of Egypt were terrible indeed!  The land, the rivers, the animals and thousands of human beings suffered greatly under the wondrous display of God’s wrath. Everyone was affected, except the children of Israel. This event echoes in a smaller scale, the destruction of most of humanity in the time of the Flood. Only Noah and his small family were saved from the baptism of death.

            But, doesn’t the Bible teach that God makes no distinction between persons?  Why then, did God punish the Egyptians and preserved the Israelites? Why did Noah survive the Flood?

            The answer is rather simple.  God loves people regardless of their nation, culture, race or age.  He has no favorites and he makes the rain to fall on everyone (Acts 14:17).

            God does however, differentiates between those who will receive judgment, and those who will be rewarded.  For example, the Bible says that there is no condemnation, for believers (Romans 8:1), and the difference is Christ.  Believing in Christ is the criteria or condition required to avoid judgment.

            One day, our God will make the final distinction, this time between the sheep (Christians) and the goats (unbelievers).  The sheep will enter into his glorious kingdom, but the goats shall go into the everlasting flames of hell.

            Aren’t you glad that Jesus made a difference in your life; and that he will make a distinction between you and the unbelieving world?

            Are you willing to make a difference for God in this life?  

            A. G.

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The Great Purpose (Exodus 9)      

            “ that they may worship me.”

            In this chapter of the Bible we can observe the following facts:

  1. The struggle between good and evil.  (Moses Vs Pharaoh).
  2. The boundless power of God. (The plagues).
  3. The suffering of unbelievers. (Unrepentance).
  4. The purpose of God. (To be worshipped by his people).

             God rescued Israel from Egypt, and God saved us from hell, with only one purpose in mind:  That we worship Him.  To worship God was Adam’s main occupation.  He enjoyed God’s sweet communion every day, until that fateful day when he took a bite out of sin (Genesis 3:8).

            Have you been redeemed by the precious blood of the Lamb?

            If you are a Christian, then you have been created, regenerated and justified by God.  He has done all this so that we can be free to worship him.  To worship, is to ascribe honor, reverence, tribute, devotion and worth to God.

            When we worship our Lord, we are fulfilling our purpose in life.  When we praise his holy name, we are telling God that we love him so much that we are willing to do anything to please him.  Some believers attempt to serve God through various church activities, but never take time to pray and praise the Lord.  It doesn’t work this way.

            If we want to be truly useful to God, we need to worship him.  The believer, who worships God, will be able to serve Him like never before, and God will be pleased.       

            Are you a worshipper of God in spirit and truth?

           A. G.

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Stories of God (Exodus 10)

            “... and that you may tell you children...”

            Do you read bedtime stories to your children at night?  I still remember classical stories like “Little Red Riding Hood”, the “Three Little Pigs” and many other wonderful fables.  They were part of my childhood, and they taught me many valuable lessons (like not to play with wolves!), but I almost never heard a story about God.

            Our children need to hear about God.  We have been instructed to read to them the fascinating Bible stories.  They need to know about Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Elijah, Paul and all the other biblical “heroes.”  But most of all they must know the story of Jesus and what he did for us.

            Our lives must be like an open book where are our children can “read” about God.  They must know that God is real, so real that he transcends the pages of the Bible.

             As Christians we have walked with the Lord, and the Lord has blessed us in many ways. We can describe all these wonderful “adventures” with God to our children.  They need to understand that the same God of the Bible, has loved us, protected us and blessed us in countless ways.

            In this way our children will be able to correlate the biblical God, to the God of their parents.  We can accomplish this by doing the following:

  1. Reading Bible stories to our offspring.
  2. Letting our children “read” or see God in our lives.
  3. Telling our children how God is working (and will always work) in our lives.

                You can be the difference in your child’s life or in other children that you can minister the Word of God. The Word is alive and gives life to those who read, listen and obey.

       A. G.

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Only One Finger (Exodus 8)   

           “This is the finger of God!”

            We are living in an era of technological explosion. Every day we hear of a new scientific discovery or technological breakthrough. In the medical field for example, we have seen how many “plagues” have been eradicated and we have witnessed new marvelous surgical procedures never thought possible before.

            Now the talk is about “genetic engineering,” cloning, in vitro fertilization and a host of many other dangerous experiments. But even science has its limits, and those who practice witchcraft healing also fall short of God’s power.

            There is only one God and only He is Omnipotent. God created the human mind, and endowed it with an enormous (although limited) creativity. Sometimes, mankind has gone beyond this obvious limitation and has tried to play the role of God; and every time they have failed miserably.

            Up to now, science has been unable to find a cure for cancer, Aids or HIV, multiple sclerosis, Covid 19 Alzheimer’s, diabetes, epilepsy, Parkinson’s and many others, including (believe it or not) the common cold. So far, no doctor has been able to stop the irreversible advent of death. This demonstrates, rather convincingly, that science will never be God... not even a small “god.”

            Even the powerful magicians recognized that the “finger of God” was responsible for another “impossible” miracle. They didn’t know of course, that our God specializes and operates in the realm of the impossibilities. They did not know our God.

            And to think that He only used one “finger!”

            A. G.

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