Pastor's Meditations

“You Can Do It” (Numbers 3)

            “...doing service at the tabernacle;”

            In our churches there are many different ministries, but very few ministers.  A minister is not a title given to a “reverend” or pastor; it is rather a word that means being or acting like a servant.

            The most important factor about Christian ministry is that there is enough room for all to minister or serve.  In large, mega churches there are dozens of ministries or departments dealing with children and youth; men and women; singles and married couples and every other age and interest group possible.  Are you serving in any ministry?

            There is no excuse for those who refuse to serve.  There are complex ministries that require college training, but for the most part, all that is required is a willing disposition and a humble attitude.

            Every Christian has at least one divine gift to offer to the church.  There are not better or “holier” gifts than the one you possess but, are you using it for God’s glory?

            We need to serve God with love, gladness and submission.  Therefore our motives need to be aligned with God’s will for our lives.  Some people serve to be “seen” or to feel good about themselves, and this is not what God expects.  We serve God regardless of the results, and not expecting applause from any human.

            Our service to God is for God, and it is a ministry.  Consequently we are ministers who work for God’s glory in favor of humanity.  Use your gifts; use them for God; and use them for his glory.

             A. G.

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Holy Banner (Numbers 2)

            “...under ensigns by their ancestral houses;”

            The Olympic Games are held every four years and it is regarded as the “King” of all sporting events.  As I write these lines, thousands of athletes from all over the world are competing in yet another summer Olympics with hopes of achieving a moment of golden “glory.”

            The goal of every participant is to attain the gold medal or first place.  The winner is considered the best in the world in that sport, at least for the next four years. Athletes train for many years in order to get this perishable crown.

            As the athlete is crowned however, a metamorphosis occurs.  He shifts his attention from the medal to the flag.  As the national anthem of his country is played, his flag is being raised in honor of his performance representing his country.  Memories of his birth place inundate his mind, and tears run wild down his joyous face.

            Likewise, Christians have a flag, even though we are not of this world.  This ensign or banner has three colors which represent what Christ has done for us.  The first color is white, which clearly symbolizes the peace with God and the peace of God that we have in Christ. It also symbolizes purity and holiness in Christ.

            The second color is red, which as you already know, represents the blood that Jesus shed for us at the cross of Calvary.  The last color is blue, like the blue sky where our heavenly home is located.  Blue speaks of hope and blissful eternity in heaven.

            This is our flag, the most beautiful and meaningful banner ever made!  Let us stand firm in the faith and be always ready to defend our flag, the Christian flag.

            A. G.

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My House is for the Lord (Leviticus 27)

            “If a person consecrates a house to the Lord...”

            I still remember the day we moved into our present house.  Many and grievous were the years we spent living in crowded and noisy apartments and paying exorbitant rent.  Now we have a home; a place of our own!

            It is awe inspiring to see a man who dedicates his house to the Lord.  When we say “house,” we refer first to our place of residence.  It is there where we eat, sleep, play with our children, love our wives and spend time with God.

            How can we consecrate our houses to the Lord? There are three main ways. First, we can use our house to bring glory to God.  Our homes can hold prayer meetings and neighborhood outreach services.  The house we live in can also be open to our brothers and sisters as a haven of Christian hospitality.  Furthermore our homes are an ideal location to build lasting relationships with neighbors and members of our congregations.

            Our houses must be a home for Jesus.  The Lord should always be welcome, but not as a guest, for he is the Host and the Lord of everything including our house.  Our house must be built upon faith and worship, and the walls decorated with holiness.  The ceiling is covered with layers of love, “for love covers a multitude of sins.”   (1 Peter 4:8).

            Finally our home is our family.  Our wife and children are to be consecrated to the Lord.  Joshua served the Lord with his family (Jos. 24:15).  He dedicated himself to God first, and then the rest of his house or household. 

            Are you willing to consecrate yourself and your “house” to the Lord?

           A. G.

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   The War (Numbers 1)

            “...everyone in Israel able to go to war.”

            Man of God, or holy woman, God is calling soldiers to join his righteous army.  There is a war around us and we have been enlisted to fight in this spiritual battle against the forces of evil.

            The devil and his followers are well prepared and organized.  They have, “rulers...authorities...powers...and spiritual forces.” (Ephesians 6:12).  It is possible to deduct from the Scriptures that nations and perhaps even cities, have their own infernal satanic “princes” (Daniel 10:13).

            The satanic hosts control for the most part the world media, which includes radio, television, music, newspapers and countless magazines.  They also rule over most of Earth’s governments and over pagan religions, sects and cults that deny and reject the Lord Jesus Christ. This is what the Bible calls the “world,” referring to the humanist and diabolical world system that is diametrically opposed to God.

            The army of hell has millions and perhaps billions of human followers as well. This great army devotes their time and resources to expand Lucifer’s “empire.”  Some of these disciples of Satan serve him every day unknowingly or unintentionally, but they do help his cause.

            If there has ever been a need for true Christian soldiers is now.  Now more than ever, God is extending an urgent invitation for us to become radical disciples of Christ.  Can you hear God’s war cry?  Are you ready for the battle?

            God is calling you, and you can be a soldier for the Lord!

            A. G.

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Going Places (Leviticus 26)

            “...and made you walk erect.”

            If someone would ask us about our past, most of us would probably hide our faces in fear and shame.  Our past is probably filled with sinful acts and evil thoughts.  To retrace our steps and relive it again…well is just too painful.

            Positive attitude books attempt to make us cheerful and always positive “winners.”  They advise the reader to smile and to walk erect; to give the impression that we are “going places.”

            Christians must not follow this humanistic approach to success, for we really have a purpose for living.  Jesus forgave all of our past and lifted us from our shameful bondage.  He has also lifted up our faces and made us walk erect, that is without guilt or shame.

            Paul said:  “For I am not ashamed of the gospel.” (Romans 1:16).  There is no reason for a Christian to feel shame about his/her past and even less about Christ.  Yes, there will be those who will mock and ridicule your faith, but that is perhaps all they can do against us.  We are citizens of Heaven, children of the King and ambassadors of the Living God.

            What can ridicule, poverty, tests and a shameful past do to us?

            They can do absolutely nothing.  Jesus has made us walk erect and upright because we are really going places: To a wonderful place called heaven.  Do not let your past rob your joy and victory in Jesus.  There is no one in this world more successful than a Christian, because God has given us a brand new start and the brightest future.

             A. G.

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