Pastor's Meditations

 It is Now or Never (Numbers 8)

             “...and serve no more.”

            God knows the abilities and capabilities of every human being.  It was He the one who created us, and bestowed talents and spiritual gifts upon us.  It is very important that we use these talents and gifts in the work of the ministry.  It is extremely essential that we use them to honor God, and to edify the body of Christ.  Finally it is imperative that we serve God during our youth.

            Why this urgency? Simply because the work is great, the workers are few and our life is short, very short.  The years of our youth and vigor fly and disappear as quickly as morning dew does under the hot sun.  All of the sudden we discover that we have more aches and pains than teeth.  Our strength, vision and mental abilities diminish greatly, and we are closer to death with every passing second.

            When the awful season of our winter years arrives, our plans and dreams almost become an impossible feat.  That which was easy for us to do in our youth is now so very difficult.  Therefore do not waste your days because they are not recyclable.  A day wasted is a day that has been lost forever.  Very few people find pleasure in old age (Ecclesiastes 12:1).

            Today is when we need to serve our God! Tomorrow is just an illusion that may never materialize for some of us.  Use your talents and gifts for God now while you still have the power.  One day you will like to serve, but the strength, the talents, and the time may not be there.

            The right time is now. It’s now or (it may be) never!

            A. G.

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True Royalty (Numbers 7)

“...the leaders of Israel...made offerings.” Our modern and sophisticated society is still fascinated by the glamour and distinction of royalty. In an era of computers and space travel, people find time to follow the “ins and outs” of princes and princesses. Take Princess Diana for example.  Her wedding ceremony was broadcasted worldwide, and many believed it was beginning of the same kind of love you find in a fairy tale. The world was informed daily about her beautiful children, benefit events, extraordinary gowns and her conflicts and ultimate divorce, with Prince Charles. Recently however, the world cried over Diana’s death, as we all witnessed her funeral and burial. Nevertheless, when the world looks at Christians, it despises them. Doesn’t the world know that we are true princes and princesses in the kingdom of God? I believe that is the key. The world loves it royalty, but rejects God and his royal followers. Yes my brethren, we are princes and princesses in the Lord. We have royal blood that comes from heaven. We are the sons and daughters of the King. As royalty, our conduct and ethics must be above reproach for we represent God’s kingdom on earth. should follow the example of Israel’s princes who brought their offerings first and offered more than the rest of the people when the tabernacle was consecrated. We are in debt with Christ. He loved us so much, that he shed his blood in order that we could be kings and queens in his eternal kingdom. Let us then, follow the following rule: Minister unto God as servants, and bring offerings to him as royalty.

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      Bitter Cup (Numbers 5)

             “ immune to this water of bitterness.”

            There are only a few things in life that produce more temporary pleasure than sin.  Temptation looks as good to us as bait on a hook does to a fish.  As a matter of fact, the most challenging temptations, are the ones that we pursuit the most.

            Why is temptation, so tempting to us?  Temptation is very appealing to all human beings, for the simple reason that we have inherited a sinful nature or “flesh” from Adam and Eve.  Our flesh thrives on sin and finds a perverse pleasure in playing with, and falling into temptation.

            Woe unto us when we sin!  Great is the pain that conquers our soul after we have fallen; after we have bitten the forbidden fruit.  Something similar could the fish that is now trapped on the hook say, after biting the seemingly delicious and innocent bait.

            The pagans or unbelievers enjoy sin to the fullest, but when Christians sin, they get a terrible and bitter aftertaste in their mouths.  The reason is that God has taken the joy out of sin for those who call upon his name.

            The sins that brought so much joy to us before have now become a bitter cup:  Beautiful and inviting on the outside, but deadly and poisonous inside.  It is as if God was allowing us to see (and taste) the bare “hook.”

            If you feel sadness and shame in your heart after you have sinned, rejoice for that is a clear sign that you are a true believer, and that the Holy Spirit dwells in you.  It is the same Spirit the one which brings sadness and conviction that leads to repentance.  The Spirit empowers the believer to love God, and hate sin.

            A. G.

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    It’s All in the Head (Numbers 6)

             “...the consecrated head”

            John and Ernest were two good friends who attended Medical School.  Their childhood dream was for both of them to become doctors, and later on to open a clinic to treat poor people.

            John wanted to be a doctor, but he had other interests or passions as well.  John loved to dance and drink every weekend (and some weekdays too), and he was always chasing women, in fact, he became known as the “Don Juan” of the university.

            John did not become a doctor.

            Ernest, on the other hand, consecrated his mind entirely to the study of medicine.  Many times he refused John’s persistent invitations to go out and “relax.” For eight long years he studied night and day and he succeeded. 

            Ernest became a great doctor.

            To become a great Christian we need to consecrate our heads or minds unto the Lord.  How can we accomplish this lofty goal? One way is by immersing or “baptizing” our minds every day into the Word of God.  There is no short cut to become either a doctor or a dedicated Christian.  It takes devotion, discipline and sacrifice.

            Our minds must be forced to read the Scriptures and to think about God and good and holy things (Philippians 4:8).  A disciplined mind will be able to withstand attacks from hell.  The difference between a mediocre and a dedicated Christian is in the head.

            To whom does your mind belong to?

             _____The devil     _____Myself    _____The Lord Jesus Christ

            (Please mark your appropriate answer.)

             A. G.

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  Count on Me (Numbers 4)

            “This was the enrollment...”

            A pastor asked his Sunday School Superintendent, for the final count in the attendance that morning.

           “There were fifty children and twenty six adults in all the classes today.” The Superintendent replied.

            “Are you sure that you counted correctly?”  Asked the pastor again visibly dumbfounded.

            The reason for his amazement was that this was the first time ever, when Sunday school attendance dipped under the four hundred mark.  Seventy six out of one thousand in attendance was simply unbelievable.

            How good is our attendance to Sunday school and church services?  When the roll is being called, are you present?  God is interested not only in your attendance and punctuality, but he desires your obedience and faithfulness.  In other words, He wants to count you, and He wants to count on you.

            If you have not been faithful in your attendance, do not hang yourself on a tree.  That was Judas reaction to his betrayal of Jesus.  He failed, therefore he killed himself.

            Repentance is what God demands, and obedience is what he expects.  Be brave and approach God in a spirit of humility.  Tell Jesus:

            “Lord, from now on, I want to be faithful to you, especially in my church attendance.  I want to be counted, and I want you to count on me.”

            Will you tell him?

            A. G.

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