“…put it on the lobe...on the thumbs...on the right foot...”

            When Aaron and his sons where consecrated for the priesthood, they received holy garments and they were “painted” with the blood of a ram.  This blood was placed on the lobe of the right ear, on the thumbs and on the big toes.

            What is the meaning of all this painting?

            Thanks for asking me!  The blood on the lobe is so that our ears are sensitive to God’s call.  We need to be able to listen to God’s instructions clearly in order to follow them.

            And speaking of following; that is the reason our feet need to be painted or anointed with the blood of Jesus.  Our feet can lead us to destruction, but if they have been anointed with the precious blood of the Lamb, they can surely take us on the path of righteousness and obedience to God.

            We need “painted feet” to stand firm in the faith.  Even though many run to and fro, lusting after new teachings, we will be able to hold fast to the sound doctrine of the Gospel.

            Finally, the blood of Jesus needs to be applied also to our hands.  The believer must have holy hands to praise God and do his will, so let the pure blood of Jesus cleanse your sin stained hands.

            Therefore, before you shave or put on any make-up, tell Jesus to wash and anoint your whole being with his sacred blood.  The paint (make-up) of this world can beautify you on the outside.  The “paint” (blood) of Jesus makes you beautiful inside and out.

             A. G.

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