Pastor's Meditations

The Words of my Mouth (Genesis 42)

            “ order that your words may be tested...”

            Actions, not only words, this is what the world expects of God’s children!

            This is not to say that we are not to preach the Holy Gospel.  May it never be!  We must proclaim God’s message every day, and at any time (2 Timothy 4:2).  We are God’s messengers and as such, we must speak the truth and spread the Good News to a lost and dark world.

            But we are also God’s ambassadors, we represent God’s kingdom to this earth.  If earthly diplomats follow a rigorous protocol, how much higher our standards must be.  As you can appreciate, words that are not backed by holy living, are as empty as a “noisy gong or a clanging cymbal” (1 Corinthians 13:1).

            The veracity or authenticity of our words, are verified by our deeds.  Somebody has said: “Let your actions speak louder than your words.”  Thus it is safe to conclude that it is equally important to say what we do, and to do what we say.

            “By this I shall know that you are honest men...”  

            We are being watched at all times.  If you (as you should) tell someone that you are a believer, then prepare yourself to be under severe scrutiny.  From now on, every word, gesture, action, and reaction are being carefully observed by your family, friends, enemies, and even by your brothers and sisters in the Lord.

            Therefore brethren, be diligent and practice everything you preach, otherwise people will call you a hypocrite or false prophet.  Remember that God is also watching what we do; listening to what we say; and monitoring our minds and hearts. 

            A. G

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   Cows and Grain (Genesis 41)                                                                                                            (February 10)

            “God has shown... what he is about to do.”

            How wonderful is our God!  His ways are mysterious and his purpose is sometimes (or most of the time) beyond our comprehension, but his love is never ending.  God has a plan for our lives, regardless of our race, age, education, wealth or size of our faith.  He will work out his plan in us, in whatever situation or condition we may be at this moment.

            Joseph, the man of God, was used by God in three different ways:

PAWN- For many years, Joseph was a pawn or slave in Potiphar’s house.  Joseph had been sold mercilessly by his brothers, and now was in this deplorable condition.  In spite of this reversal of “fortune”, Joseph decided to be faithful to God, even amid hard labor and sexual pressure.

PRISONER- Joseph was sent to prison for refusing to give in to the sexual advances of Potiphar’s wife.  In jail, Joseph was in charge of feeding the other prisoners and God used him to interpret the dreams of Pharaoh’s officials.

PROPHET AND PRINCE- Finally the day came when Joseph was face to face with the ruler of Egypt.  He was able, through God’s power, to interpret Pharaoh’s dream about the seven cows, and the seven ears of grain, and as a result Joseph became a prince or governor of Egypt.

            In what stage of your life are presently in? 

            Do you feel like a pawn of destiny?

            Are you a prisoner or a prince? 

           God can, and will use you in any situation if you decide like Joseph did, to be faithful to the Lord.  He will do great things in us and through us.

            A. G.

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For Ever (Genesis 39)       

            “The Lord was with Joseph...”          

            How sad and cumbersome is to feel alone and abandoned!  On those moments, when life “turns her back” on us and friends disavowed us, we feel as if the earth was opening to swallow us alive.

            Sadness, for some of us, is a way of life, but it comes and goes.  Jesus in the other hand, is the great “I am,” he always is, he will never leave us or abandon us under any circumstance.

            This principle is illustrated in Joseph’s life.

            Joseph was sold by his brothers, but God was with him.

            He was a slave of Potiphar, but God was with him.

            He was unjustly thrown into prison, but God was with him.

            Finally, Joseph was made second ruler of Egypt.  Why?

            You guessed it:  Because God was with him!

            Years later, Joseph had a wonderful opportunity to achieve revenge over his cruel and evil brothers, but because God was in him and with him, he became a channel of divine blessings instead.

            Do not allow any test or tribulation to erode your confidence in the Almighty God.  Be reminded that Jesus is with you at all times and in every circumstance.

            Furthermore, let us never forget that God is in absolute control over every situation of our lives.  Everything that comes our way is part of the overall plan and eternal purpose of God. God is with us and we are with him forever.

            A. G.

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Three Days (Genesis 40)  

            “Within three days Pharaoh will lift up your head...”

            The difference between a Christian and an unbeliever is a three day journey.  This is the road that Jesus walked to complete his work of redemption.  This is the “road” that everyone must take in order to be born into God’s family.

            The first day takes us to the cross at Calvary.  At the foot of the cross we can deposit our burdens and sins. This is the place where Jesus died to atone for our sins. This is the place where repentance cries out to God for forgiveness and salvation. This is the place where we meet our Lord and Savior and are united with Him through faith.

            Our journey continues and during the last part of the first and the entire second day, the lifeless body of Jesus rests inside the tomb.  In that tomb our sins are also “resting” forever; Jesus took them on the cross and buried them on that tomb.  They are dead and buried forever and shall never come out of the tomb.

            The third and last day arrives and all we find is an empty tomb.  Why?  Because Jesus is alive!  He was raised from among the dead, having conquered sin and death.  In this third day, Jesus consummated his saving work.  Now he offers eternal life to those who dare to believe in his name, and are willing to walk in Jesus, the only road to heaven (John 14:6).

            Three days were the difference between the cupbearer and the chief baker.  One was executed (the baker), while the other was forgiven and restored.  God will do the same for those that will walk this “three day journey” to find new life in Christ.

            Have you walked on this “road” yet?

            A. G.

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One Big, Happy Family (Genesis 38)     


            “Judah went down from his brothers...”

            Once upon a time, there was a small piece of coal whose name was “Happy”.  He lived with his family inside of a gigantic bag of coal.  They were always together and did everything together. There was nothing that could separate that happy family. Those were truly the “happy days.”

            One day, a customer appeared in the store and bought the big bag.  When he reached home, he opened it and emptied the entire charcoal “family” in a barbecue. “Happy” saw, horrified, how this man set his whole family on fire.

            All of a sudden “Happy” jumped out of the barbecue, escaping the “terrible” fire.  Turning to his family, he was amazed to see them glowing in the flames.  They were not crying because they were fulfilling their purpose in life.  “Happy,” on the other hand, died alone, useless and forgotten.

            When a child of God chooses to distance himself from God’s family, he has no other place to go but to the godless society.  There he or she will find (as Judah did), temptations, adultery, and even death.

            God offers true love; the world tempts us with lust.  God gives us a loving family; the world only offers the trickery and deceit of a stranger (Tamar).

            It’s your decision.  You can separate from God’s family and become as useless as a piece of wet charcoal.  You can also elect to remain in the bosom of the family, and fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

            Do you want to be on “fire” for God today?

            A. G.

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