Pastor's Meditations

 Sacred Food (Leviticus 22)

            “No lay person shall eat of the sacred...”

            A priest’s food was sacred; it was to be eaten only by him and those in his household and only within the temple’s confines.  No lay person was allowed to even touch that food. 

            A Christian’s food is also sacred.  We feed on the holy Word of God; which is more potent and balanced than the most nutritious breakfast.  In the Bible we find vitamins for the soul and protein for our spirits. 

            God’s Word, however, is not a magical book, but it is full of divine power.  When we read the word, we are receiving a transfusion of spiritual strength and wisdom; we are connected with the Lord of the universe!

            Christ said:  “Do not throw pearls before swine” (Matthew 7:6).  He meant that many people are like spiritual pigs that cannot understand or even appreciate the eternal value of God’s word.  These “pigs” are unbelievers who are spiritually dead and cannot grasp the simplicity or “foolishness” (as they call it) of the Gospel. 

            Beloved, you can understand the Word of God and you must feed on it every day for the rest of your life.  The Holy Spirit is in you, and he will illuminate your mind as you read the Word, so you can fully comprehend what God is communicating to you.  He will also remind you of what has already been learned.

            Therefore when you open the Bible, first open your mind and heart to God.  Come with a spirit of humility and a desire to hear from God and obey what he says.  He will feed you personally; He will give you exactly what you need.

             A. G.

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In His Courts (Leviticus 21)

            “He shall not go outside the sanctuary...”

            There is a verse in the Bible that has always touched my heart. This verse declares that there is no better place to be than in the presence of the Almighty God. I pray that this becomes a reality in my own life, as it was in the life of David, who said:

            “For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere.”

            These were the words of the kingly psalmist (Psalm 84:10).  He understood the imperative need to be in God’s house to worship the Lord and fellowship with other believers.  To him it was not an obligation, but a pure joy.

            The priest was forbidden to leave the tabernacle.  To go outside of the sanctuary meant a desecration of the tent of meeting, for the anointing of God was upon him.

            Today, there is no tabernacle and there are no Jewish priests, but the same principle applies.  It is good for us to attend church regularly to spend quality time with the Lord.  Regrettably we have to go out of the sanctuary to devote our time to work, school and other mundane activities.

            Our purpose in attending church should be to worship God and to be equipped for the ministry.  Then when we leave the sanctuary, our goal should be to minister to the world.

            The psalmist desired to be in God’s presence more than anything in the world.  In fact a day with the Lord was more valuable to him than a thousand without Him.  Is that your aim? Do you spend time with God? Do you enjoy spending time with the Lord?              

            Is your heart inside his holy sanctuary?

            A. G.

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Food for the Poor (Leviticus 19)

             “ shall leave them for the poor and the alien:”

            The land of Canaan was beautiful and fertile.  This was the land God had promised the people of Israel; a fruitful land and a great place to live!  God in his infinite mercy and incomparable compassion provided the best place under the sun for the Jews.  He was also gracious with the poor and with the foreigners that had made the perilous trek from Egypt.

            During harvest season, the people of God were instructed not to reap the entire field.  They were also forbidden to gather fallen fruits.  These “leftovers” were for the poor and the aliens (not from Mars).  Sometimes the saying becomes reality:  “A man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

            As believers in Christ, we have the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22, 23), and we bear spiritual fruits as well (John 15:5, 8).  This fruit is not designed for self-consumption or self-edification, but to be a channel of God’s blessings unto others.  God wants to bless everyone around us, specially the poor and the alien.

            The “poor” are those weaker brothers and sisters that need our affirmation.  God can use our fruits and gifts to edify these needy Christians in the ways of the Lord.  We can also help those who are physically poor, specially our brothers and sisters in Christ.

            The “alien” is that person who is living in sin, without Christ and void of hope.  He also needs to “eat” the Bread of life and drink the Living Water that we possess.  After all, it was Jesus who commanded the apostles, on the feeding of the 5,000: 

             “…you give them something to eat.”

              A. G.

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Closed Eyes (Leviticus 20)

            “And if the people of the land should ever close their eyes...”

            Different people have different discipline philosophies.  Some parents are so strict, that their house resembles a modified version of a “boot camp.”  They do not allow any disrespect or disobedience and offenders are punished severely.

            On the other extreme, there are parents that allow almost anything.  They close their eyes to the sins of their offspring and never discipline them.  No wonder we have so many juvenile delinquents today!

            Many followers of Christ fall under this last category.  We look at sin, but somehow we do not see it.  Could it be that we close our eyes to sin?  Or perhaps it is that our eyes are so accustomed to evil, that we are not able to distinguish anymore. The closer we get to the light of the gospel, the darker will sin and temptations will appear unto us, and the less inclined we will be to commit sins against our God.

            The place where we are almost “blind” to sin is in our own lives.  That is precisely why God encourages us to examine ourselves to uproot any evil or bitterness, but unfortunately we close our eyes once more.

            When you look at the world of today, do you see sin?  If you would look a little closer, perhaps you could detect traces of evil around you.  There is temptation and sin in movies, television shows, advertisement and almost everywhere else.

            Do not close your eyes to sin, especially your own.  Do not close your eyes also to the sinners that need to know about salvation in Christ.  Let us open our eyes to sin, not to fall into it, but to be prepared against it.

            A. G.

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    Two Outfits (Leviticus 18)


            “You shall not uncover the nakedness...”

            A Pastor asked the following question during a worship service:

            “Who would like to be an immoral person?”  No one raised their hands.

            Undaunted, the pastor asked yet another question,

            “Who would like to live in holiness for the Lord?”

             There was a unanimous vote.

            Most Christians I know desire the same thing, but only very few are able to practice holiness consistently.  Why? For the same reason that holiness doesn’t come to our lives just because we wish to be holy.  It takes prayer, meditation in God’s word and active pursuit, in the midst of a tempting and darkened world.

            God prohibited the Israelites to uncover anybody’s nakedness (except the spouse), simply because as humans we have a strong tendency to sin.  Pornography has ruined the lives of many believers including well known Christian leaders.  We are called to be an example to the world, but an example of holiness and love, not of adultery, divorce and immorality.

            God demands holiness from his church today!  If we fix our eyes on Jesus, then we won’t look to pornography in any of its manifestations.  Remember that God is holy and we are holy in Christ, therefore we must live in holiness.

            Every morning of your life there will be two different outfits waiting to be chosen by you.  One is beautiful on the outside and it’s called “Immorality.”  The other one is glorious inside and it is made by God:  “Holiness.” 

            Which one will you wear?

            A. G.


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