Accepted (Leviticus 1)

            “…and it shall be acceptable…”

            Heaven is a gift from God.  Those who want to live in heaven, must receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, and beg Him with repentance and true faith to enter into their hearts.  To be accepted by God however, is in my opinion at least as important or perhaps even more so, than to “accept” Him (like some say).

            The offerings and sacrifices of the Israelites had to be without any blemish.  God would not accept any lamb, ram or bull that were sick, lame, blind or defective in any way. God expected and demanded the best.

            Let us probe ourselves to see if what we are doing is acceptable to God.  Do we have a godly attitude?  Are we serving God or looking for fame or approval?  Is there pride in our hearts? The heart must be the first area to be examined for impurities.  Jesus will only accept a clean and pure heart; a heart that is “broken and contrite” (Ps. 51:17).

            We are accepted by Christ, who in turn makes us acceptable unto the Father.  This is the work of God’s grace in our previously “unacceptable” and sinful lifestyle.  We were redeemed by the blood of Jesus, transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, and accepted forever by God the Father.

            If the world despises and rejects us, have no fear for Jesus is here.  Perhaps you will never win an Olympic gold medal (a past dream of mine), or be crowned in a beauty contest, but you are accepted (and loved) by God.

            Desist from pursuing popularity in an effort to be accepted by humans.  You are accepted by God, therefore do works that are acceptable and that bring glory to the Lord.

            A. G.

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