Unhappy Marriage (Numbers 36)

            “They were married into the clans…”

The sons (or tribe) of Joseph were right.  Marriage outside their clans or families would only lead to confusion:  The family names would get mixed up and their inheritances would be impossible to distribute.

Getting married outside God’s family is even more dangerous; it is a total disaster.  Many have tried it, and have failed miserably, for disobedience always brings terrible consequences (hint: Adam and Eve).

A Christian young woman served God faithfully for many years, and her testimony was very respectable…until the day she “fell” in love with a married man, who was also a practicing spiritualist.

The man also fell for her advances, and married her soon after divorcing his wife. The wedding almost lasted more than the marriage itself.  When the dust settled, there was a child without a father; a defeated Christian; and one more stain to the church of Christ.

What’s sad about this story is that it’s true and it is repeated daily across the world.  Every day (or at least every weekend), Christians are uniting themselves with unbelievers.  Some get married, while others fall into the concept of “living together.”  The rest of us sometimes follow “the advice of the wicked… or sit in the seat of the scoffers;” (Psalm 1:1).

Let us examine our hearts to see if we have a happy union with Christ. The church is the Bride of Christ and believers are united to the Lord forever!

A. G.

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