Count on Me (Numbers 4)

            “This was the enrollment…”

            A pastor asked his Sunday School Superintendent, for the final count in the attendance that morning.

           “There were fifty children and twenty six adults in all the classes today.” The Superintendent replied.

            “Are you sure that you counted correctly?”  Asked the pastor again visibly dumbfounded.

            The reason for his amazement was that this was the first time ever, when Sunday school attendance dipped under the four hundred mark.  Seventy six out of one thousand in attendance was simply unbelievable.

            How good is our attendance to Sunday school and church services?  When the roll is being called, are you present?  God is interested not only in your attendance and punctuality, but he desires your obedience and faithfulness.  In other words, He wants to count you, and He wants to count on you.

            If you have not been faithful in your attendance, do not hang yourself on a tree.  That was Judas reaction to his betrayal of Jesus.  He failed, therefore he killed himself.

            Repentance is what God demands, and obedience is what he expects.  Be brave and approach God in a spirit of humility.  Tell Jesus:

            “Lord, from now on, I want to be faithful to you, especially in my church attendance.  I want to be counted, and I want you to count on me.”

            Will you tell him?

            A. G.

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