Holy Banner (Numbers 2)

            “…under ensigns by their ancestral houses;”

            The Olympic Games are held every four years and it is regarded as the “King” of all sporting events.  As I write these lines, thousands of athletes from all over the world are competing in yet another summer Olympics with hopes of achieving a moment of golden “glory.”

            The goal of every participant is to attain the gold medal or first place.  The winner is considered the best in the world in that sport, at least for the next four years. Athletes train for many years in order to get this perishable crown.

            As the athlete is crowned however, a metamorphosis occurs.  He shifts his attention from the medal to the flag.  As the national anthem of his country is played, his flag is being raised in honor of his performance representing his country.  Memories of his birth place inundate his mind, and tears run wild down his joyous face.

            Likewise, Christians have a flag, even though we are not of this world.  This ensign or banner has three colors which represent what Christ has done for us.  The first color is white, which clearly symbolizes the peace with God and the peace of God that we have in Christ. It also symbolizes purity and holiness in Christ.

            The second color is red, which as you already know, represents the blood that Jesus shed for us at the cross of Calvary.  The last color is blue, like the blue sky where our heavenly home is located.  Blue speaks of hope and blissful eternity in heaven.

            This is our flag, the most beautiful and meaningful banner ever made!  Let us stand firm in the faith and be always ready to defend our flag, the Christian flag.

            A. G.

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