All I Need (Exodus 16)

            “….nothing over…no shortage;”

            I still remember a story I heard in a Steve and Annie Chapman’s concert.  Their testimony was this:  One Monday morning they paid all the monthly bills and all that was left was enough for a loaf of bread for the rest of the week.  They prayed to the Lord concerning dinner, and the Lord answered in a most peculiar way; every day, for the rest of the week they received a phone call from a different brother or sister inviting them over for dinner.

            Israel (and us too) had a very bad habit: They enjoyed complaining for anything and everything.  This was already the third instance in which we see the recently liberated people, complaining to the Lord.  Instead of praising, praying or simply waiting in the Lord, they murmured and grumbled all the way into their deaths.

            What do you do when facing trouble?  How do you respond to life’s adversities?

            The story of Israel is found in the Bible, to provide an example for Christians today.  Let us follow their good example and avoid their many mistakes.

            How did God respond to their complaints?

            He provided a heavenly bread called “Manna.”  His provision was perfect; nothing was leftover, and there was enough for everyone to be filled and satisfied.

            God’s provision is always perfect in timing and amount.  He has promised to take care of your needs and He will do it.  There is no reason then, to doubt or complain because:

            “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” (Psalm 23:1)

            A. G.

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