The Real Hill  

There is a Hill, which I climb every day

Far from the distractions of this world

A place where I can rest and pray

And find peace and hope for my soul


There is a Hill where heaven and earth

Meet together in a loving embrace

Where the Skull was crushed, and Death

Was conquered for the human race


There is a Hill from which a river flows

A fountain that brings healing to the nations

Flowing with the holy and precious Blood

To rescue those who need salvation


There is a Hill, which you must also climb

To bring, and leave your cares and burdens

Once you reach the top, you shall find

A brand new future, glorious and certain


There is Hill with a beautiful tree

Injured and defiled by three nails

That have opened a fountain of peace

To heal our hearts and make us well


There is a Hill that is calling your name

Open arms waiting to receive you

Wounded hands that will cover your shame

Loving eyes and lips that speak only truth


Some men have climbed Capitol Hill

And a few have reached Mount Everest

But this Hill is by far the very best

For in this Hill love ended the strife

And all that kneel in this Hill

Will find everlasting life

A. G

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