Thoughts on Nativity

                Nativity comes from the Lt. Nativus which means birth and we get the word Native (PEOPLE BORN IN THIS PLACE). Christmas is literally the “Mass of Christ” a Roman Catholic ritual service in which Christ is sacrificed over and over.

                The actual date or day in which Jesus was born is not as important as the fact that we celebrate his birth. It was probably not on December 25th. The fact that we celebrate Jesus’ birthday means that He is alive. Dead people have no birthday celebrations.

                Nativity is the birth of Christ. No one else should be celebrated on that day (secular Christmas).

                Without the Incarnation (birth as a human) there is no real Crucifixion (death on the cross) or Resurrection.

                The birth of Jesus changed history (B.C. / A.D.). His death on the cross changed my destination (from hell to heaven) and his resurrection has given us hope.

                The real tree is not adorned with tinsel and lights. It is stained with the blood of the Lamb.

                The real Santa is our Heavenly Father from whom we received all blessings and gifts.

                The real Bright and Morning Star is Jesus.

                The fact that we celebrate yet another Nativity or Jesus’ birthday means that He is not a baby in a manger anymore.

                Mary was the mother of Jesus (humanity) but no woman can be the mother or creator of God.

                Jesus was born at night and He died amid great darkness, but He was raised from the dead three days later in a beautiful Sunday morning.

                If this and every year you want a real reason to celebrate this season, ask Jesus to come into your heart as He has already come into this dark world to bring light.

                In a manger He laid, on a cross He died and a grave lays empty as a testimony that He is alive forever.

                The worldly man never comes to Jesus; the wise men came to Jesus one time; the religious man comes to church one a year; the churchgoing man comes to church almost every Sunday; but the saved and devoted man comes to Jesus every day of his life.

                On Nativity heaven came to earth so one day we can go to heaven forever

              The purpose of Nativity is the Cross. The glory of Nativity is Jesus.

               A. G.

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