The Power of Faith        

There is power in our blessed faith

A power that can move the mountains

It opens our eyes to see our sin and God’s grace

It opens our mouth to drink from the Fountain 


There is power in our faith in Jesus

 A power that can save our souls

 It is Freedom from the sin that enslaves us,

 It is Healing that has made us whole  


There is power in this faith, so glorious

A power that turns misery into song

It has made us joyful and victorious

It has made the weak powerful and strong


There is power in the faith that believes

 A power that will change our life

 It is a power that we can receive

 It is a knowledge that will make us wise


 What about you, my friend or brother?

Do you really trust Jesus, the Lord?

Do you follow Him through every door?

Do you walk with Him day after day?     

Walk by faith and not by sight

Until the day that we’ll see Him face to face


  A. G.                                      2/14/20          

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