“Just Messengers”


                You have probably heard this saying in more than one occasion. This expression is often spoken by those wishing to be absolved of any direct responsibility for the content of the words that flow out of their mouths:

                “Don’t shoot me! I’m just the messenger!”

                This expression could be taken in a few different ways. Perhaps the person is really the messenger and he or she has nothing at stake in the conversation. On the other hand, these words could very well be a “wall” behind which the “messenger” attempts to hide his true evil intentions. There also could be a few cases when the actual messenger takes pleasure in bringing sad news to someone.

                I have been on both sides of this equation recently. A messenger gave me really bad news a few days ago and I deliver weekly messages from God’s Word to our congregation. This is the highlight of my week and one of the greatest joys of my life.

                I must remind myself constantly that I am just the messenger. God’s Word is the message and the Holy Spirit is truly the divine Speaker. He imparts his message using weak and imperfect messengers like me to fill our hearts with hope, peace, love, power and joy.

                In a sense, all Christians are just messengers of the Almighty. We have been called to proclaim the Good News to all the world (Acts 1:8). In another part of Scripture we are even called “ambassadors” for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20).

                We are not responsible for the content of the message or for the results of our endeavors. Our responsibility is to deliver that which God has told us to say. We cannot take credit when peoples’ hearts are touched by the Word, nor can we take responsibility when someone gets offended by the faithful rebuke of the truth.

                We are just messengers.

                It is important then, for us to be clean vessels where God can pour his Word. Our message is a divine treasure that must be handled with care and reverence. A holy and sincere messenger is used by God to change this world, but no one is saved by the words of hypocrites and false prophets.

                We are not just messengers for we serve the God of glory, but in another sense we are called to be just (righteous) messengers of God like Noah, Enoch and John the Baptist among many others. I pray that God will help us to be just messengers in an unjust world.

                A. G.

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