Isaiah 8     (August 16)

                                            Divine Compass

            “…for teaching and for instruction?”

            The Word of God is the guide for all Christians…for all situations. Although the Bible does not have specific advice for all modern evils, nor it  is a book of rules, it contains eternal principles, which can be applied to every circumstance. Furthermore, the Bible is inerrant (no errors) and infallible (it does not and will not fail), so we can find assurance in the promises of the Scriptures.

            Christians need not to consult fortune tellers to obtain answers for their problems. The horoscope is also not an option for believers. The answer is also not found in education, or in psychology.

            God has given us his Holy Word so we find in it,

            Wisdom when we do not know which path to follow and are not sure of the way;           

            Comfort in the midst of discouragement;

            Love for the brokenhearted

            Peace for the restless

            Forgiveness for our sins

            Instructions for a godly life

            Joy in days of sadness and,

            Hope as we remember our future with Christ.

            The Word of God is like a map to a traveler or a compass to a sailor.   Without it we will be lost forever. Without God’s Word we cannot prevail, but if we read it and we obey its instructions, God will guide us to Victory.

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