Proverbs 28    (July 21)

                                                         I Confess That…

      “…but one who confesses and forsakes…”

            Alejandro and Alexandra were very conflictive fiancés. They were always engaged (pun intended) in one argument or another. Very seldom did they agree on anything and even when they did, they would end up fighting anyway.

            Alexandra was a liberal woman, she enjoyed going to clubs and parties with her friends. Alejandro was young, but quite formal when it came to his engagement. He did not tolerate his fiancés libertarian spirit. When he reprimanded her, she would answer:                        

           “Well, I am sorry! I will try not doing it again.”

            The only problem was that her promises turned out to be lies, and the engagement was dissolved. It is not enough to recognize that we are sinners and confess our sins to God. Our “repentance” is not worth a dime, if we do not depart from our sinful ways.

            True repentance consists of a change of mind, attitude and direction in relation with sin. We feel sorry that we sinned against God and decide to stop doing it. True confession is a 180 degrees turn; it is to walk in the opposite direction.

            Confession is a declaration we make to God, concerning the sin that was committed by us. Those who confess their sin to God are telling the Lord that they hate sin as much as he does, and God hates all sins.

            The third step after repentance and confession is the change in attitude and conduct. It is essential to separate from the sin we just confessed, because if we do not, we shall continue to fall into sin and we will have to confess, and confess, and…keep doing it a thousand times more until we really change.

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