Psalms 81- 83     (May 25)


              “I say, you are gods…”

              This is the most dangerous of all the teachings of the New Age movement. Based on this verse, the New Agers and the Mormons, allege that all humans are, or can be like God. This is a great lie!

              What is even sadder is the fact that this false doctrine has infiltrated into many Christian churches through the “faith movement.” It is certain, that the Bible exhorts us to be like Christ in love and sanctity, but it never tells us that we can be like God.   (The only exception is when Satan speaks to Eve in Genesis 3).

              There is only one God in three persons: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Man is a just a part of the creation of the triune God. Not even Adam, with all his perfection and innocence was God, nor could he have ever been.

              But then how can we explain this passage were some Israelis were called gods? If you study this Psalm carefully and profoundly, you will be able to understand that God is talking to common men. The literal translation for “gods” does not imply that these men were divine, what it indicates is that they were divinely selected to be judges of Israel on behalf of God.

              Let us always be careful and study each passage and Bible verse in its context. This passage was never intended to declare the “great news,” that men are equal to God.

              This passage talks about unjust judges, who were called to administer justice and enforce God’s law, but all they did was to serve their own bellies and as a result they died in sin. Let us not make the same mistake; it is a great misfortune to know God and dishonor him like these “gods” did.

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