Psalms 67, 68      (May 18)

                                            Orphans No More

            “Father of orphans…”

            This earthly life is full of pain and bitterness. A cloud of hatred and evil covers the world. Many cry to heaven because they have lost their jobs, their home or because their cars have been stolen. Every day millions all over the world suffer and cry because they have lost a loved one.

             Many are the tragedies that haunt the human race, but one of the worst is to become an orphan, that is, to lose a father or mother or both.

            To those whose parents are still alive: Many blessings! Privileged are also those who have lost them (because we all must die one day), when they reached old age—The pain is less intense.

            Real orphans are those individuals that have lost their parents when they were small, or in their adolescent years.   I know a boy that became an orphan at the young age of four. That young boy suffered and still grieves, for the father that he lost.

            This man still remembers his father with love; he even cries whenever he thinks about him. He cries because his father was not there to defend him, or to teach him how to defend himself against bullies.

             But now he has found true joy in Christ his Savior. Now, when Father’s day arrives each year, he has a reason to celebrate—Now, he has a heavenly FATHER.

            God is the Father of all the orphans in the world. He takes care of those that are poor and alone. He is the Father of those who receive Christ in their hearts. Therefore do not worry, for God is our CELESTIAL FATHER

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