Psalms 56-58      (May 14)

                                                            Dwarfs and Giants

            “…What can flesh do to me?”

            The Bible has an abundant amount of stories relating to fights between “dwarfs” and “giants.” The so-called dwarfs have been those men and women of God, which confronted their supposedly superior enemies and defeated them in the name of God.

            David triumphed over Goliath; Elijah faced hundreds of prophets of Baal; Moses defeated the Egyptian Pharaoh, and Daniel and his friends did not fear Darius or Nebuchadnezzar.

            In the New Testament we see John the Baptist facing Herod, and Paul against the Caesar of Rome. The ultimate example, nevertheless, was Jesus; he faced the devil and his demons and was triumphant in the cross, where they thought he had been defeated.

            You and I are like dwarfs in front of many giants that besiege us, even though we might seem as worms and small as ants to them, we are more than triumphant in Christ. What can man do to us? Only what God allows.

            Can they destroy us, if we are standing in Christ? Never!

            If men make fun of a Christian, they are helping him to develop a spirit of patience and self-denial. If men strike us with their words or fists, they are teaching us to depend more and more in God. And if men kill us, they are doing us the biggest favor in the world; as we will pass to a higher and eternal life.

            What can men do to me?

            If I trust God and walk with him, I will never fear what men can do to me. Teach me, Lord to trust in you and to fix my eyes on heaven while I walk with you on this dark place.

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