Psalms 53-55     (May 13)

                                                               Great Wings

            “…Oh if I had wings like a dove!”

            There have been many times when I have arrived at my home after a long day of work, and all I wish to do is rest and relax. On the way home, I dream of a long hot bath, a hot meal and a soft and comfortable bed.

            However, things do not always happen as planned. There have been times when I have been greeted by three overly active children and a hysterical wife. By looking at my wife’s face, I realize that her day has been maybe just a “bit” more difficult than mine.

            Unfortunately, difficult days are more abundant nowadays, than the brief moments of pleasure and happiness that we sometimes enjoy. On these dark days, many of us would like to be like doves and fly far away and others, like my wife, would like to disappear like a rocket to the moon.

            However, this is not the best solution. Problems, conflicts, and tribulations also know how to fly, and how they fly! When you avoid problems you will always find that they have multiplied, instead of diminishing, as we would have preferred.

            In this life we will always have problems, attacks and persecutions. If we run (or fly) from them, another set of problems will be waiting for us on the other side. Running does not work and neither does alcohol, drugs or any other vice. You cannot fight sin with more sin.

            God’s grace and power is what we need. He will give us wings greater than those of the dove, the wings of an eagle. These wings are not to fly away from our problems, but to be able to resist them, along with the attacks from the enemy.

            Do you already have your great wings?

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