Psalms 49, 50     (May 11)

                                                               Empty Pockets

            “For when they die they will carry nothing with them…”

            Back in the days of Pharaoh, the Egyptians rulers were buried along with their gold, silver and weapons in the pyramids. They thought this would help them to be better prepared for when they arrived to the afterlife.

            How wrong were they, thinking that they would be able to take something with them to the other world!

            We cannot take anything with us to the next life. The house we bought will belong to someone else; the car we care for so much, will be driven by someone else; our money and every other material possession that we now “own” will belong to someone else. All of our most dear belongings will stay behind, imprisoned by the force of gravity.

            Only the human souls can escape from this world. However, only those that believe, love and obey Christ, will be able to fly away and take something else with them: The Salvation of their souls.

            And what of those that live without Christ? All that they have gathered and accumulated will be lost forever. Their many years of hard labor would have been in vain, as death will separate them from their prized possessions; and who will be able to retrieve them? The Bible speaks about this waste in Mark 8:36:

            “For what will it profit a man if he gainthe whole world, and loses his own soul?”

            But those that trust in Christ will enjoy everlasting glory and rejoice in the presence of the One who saved their souls—the only thing you can take to heaven; that and your good works in Christ.

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