Psalms 38, 39     (May 6)


            “But I am like the deaf, I do not hear…”

             My sister, Marlene was born deaf. She has never had the pleasure of hearing the birds sing, the sound of music or a baby cry. She is profoundly deaf, no matter how loud the sound is she cannot hear it; however she can feel strong vibrations.

             Anyone that observes her actions and overall demeanor would say that she is a normal person that is, without any physical impediment. She talks, dances, cooks and does all the other functions of a mother and housewife.

            She can also drive an automobile. She drives so well, that at times she thinks she is driving a race-car. She is a menace on the road! The funny thing is that when other drivers honk their horns at her and yell profanities, she is immune at what they are saying because she cannot hear them.

            Christians should be like my sister. We should be deaf when other insult us or provoke us. My mother used to say:

            “Give a deaf ear to foolish words.”

            If the devil tempts us, let us be deaf; if our enemies make fun of us, let us ignore their foolish words; and if our brothers and sisters in Christ criticize us without love or reason, let their words never discourage us.

            David pretended to be deaf, because he knew that God sees and hears everything. He placed his confidence in the Lord at all times. He gives us the reason for his victories as he proclaimed:

            “…it is you, O Lord my God, who will answer.”

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