Psalms 33, 34       (May 3)

                                        Good Songs

            “Sing to him a new song;”

            When I read this passage, I think to myself, “This would be good to read to some Christian choirs and musical groups!” There are far too many “Christian” bands that had no idea what a worship song looks like. Their songs never mention the name of Christ or God.

            A new song is not yet another album or hit song. There are many of those every week. The meaning of the word “new” in this case, refers to the song of praise that springs forth from a heart that has been redeemed by Christ. Before Christ, we sang the song of sin and death, but now we sing a brand new song: The song of salvation.

            “…play skillfully…”

            Once again, I say that God deserves the best out of our lives. Everything we do should be done in his name and for his glory. If we sing, serve, preach, or do anything else, we should do it well and to the best of our ability.

            To do something well or to the best of our ability does not necessarily entail perfection. We should not feel badly when one of our brothers or sisters in Christ sings, or does something, better than us.

             If we serve or sing to Christ with joy and dedication, we are doing it right. Joy is the internal disposition required for effective praise and worship. A joyful heart is a grateful heart that breaks into praise every day.

            Dedication is also needed to praise the Lord skillfully. If you are a Christian singer, a choir member or a church musician, you must dedicate time to practice your trade. The best practice, however is to immerse in God’s Word and pray every day.

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