Psalms 17    (April 24)

                                                The Slip

            “…my feet have not slipped.”

            An expert driver approached a young and inexperienced driver on his first day of work. After he introduced himself and spoke for a while. He got closer to the new employee and offered the following advice:

            “Be extra cautious and be careful when it is raining, especially if the truck is not fully loaded.”

            The young man listened to his sage counsel, but soon thereafter forgot was he had been told. Months later, as he was driving, he learned an unforgettable and valuable lesson. One day, without notice, it began to rain, and the pavement was soaked with water. The truck was moving at a great speed and when it crossed a bridge it careened out of control, as it slid from side to side on the highway.

            Miraculously nothing happened to the young man, or to the truck; but the skid (and the scare) was intense. From that moment on, the young man began driving with extreme caution, avoiding driving fast on slippery roads.                                                                                    

            God is the one that sustains us on our way, so we do not slip and fall. Outside the ways of the Lord, there is mud, dirt and danger. If we are careless like the young diver, we can slip and fall in the highway of sin.

            All our spiritual “accidents” begin with a small slip, slide or skid. But God is always ready to rescue us and put our feet in the solid ground. He does not want us to be shaken or moved as Psalm 62:6 says:

            He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be moved.”

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