Job 37    (April 12)

                                                    God’s Gas Station

            “…stop and consider the wondrous works of God.”

            Have you ever lost anything?   I have lost many things; some I have found, and others I have not. The frustration and anxiety you feel when you cannot find something that you need; is somewhat comparable to the anguish we experience, when we lose a loved one— of course in a much smaller scale.

            The anguish builds up as time passes and you still cannot find the desired object. Some people act like maniacs and run from one part of the house to the other. They look under the couch, under the beds, and all over the place. Anguish turns to panic and panic becomes despair when we don’t find what we have lost.

            The best thing that we can do is to stop and think what we did last with this particular object before we “lost” it. Instead of wasting time and looking for it all over the place frenetically, it is better to pause, reflect, observe and pray.

            Many times the children of God act in this manner. They go from one place to another supposedly serving God. Christian churches overflow with activities, committees, and ministries. So much time is spent in Christian activities that we do not leave any time to pause and contemplate the greatness and splendor of our Lord.

            “STOP!” God cries out with great voice.   “Take into consideration all the marvelous things I have done for you.”

            God will fill our Spirit and in this way we will be able to serve him in spirit and truth. Why should be go around like cars without fuel, when we can be filled up by God? Stop and visit God’s “gas station”.

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