Job 10       (March 18)

                                       Farmer’s Cheese

            “…and curdle me like cheese?”

            The best tasting cheese that you can ever eat is the cheese that is made in the country by the farmers. I still remember when I was very young and went to the country with my family, and had some of that delicious cheese.

            This “farmer’s” cheese is flavorful and natural. The majority of the cheeses that are bought in the markets are chemically processed, and many of them contain additives and preservatives.

            This cheese is made exclusively of cow’s milk. The milk is put to “materialize” or harden in a special cheese cloth, until it reaches a solid state, better known as soft country cheese.

            God also made us naturally in our mother’s womb. With the greatest infinite love and wisdom he made our skin tissue, organs and other components of the sophisticated human body. This marvelous process called pregnancy lasts nine months; one that culminates with the birth of a human being, created in the image of God.

            Spiritually speaking, we see that God operates with his children in the same way as a farmer making cheese. God works in our lives with patience and craftsmanship, to edify us and make us solid Christians with great “flavor” and consistency (maturity).

            Are you a natural farmer’s cheese or a cheap cheese filled with impurities? The good cheese and the good Christian are filled with good stuff. The cheese has milk, good bacteria and other natural ingredients. The good Christian is filled with the Holy Spirit and with the Word of God.

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