Job 5      (March 13)

                                                          Marvelous Things

             “…marvelous things without numbers.”

            Today I would like to stop and meditate on all of God’s marvelous things. Everything that is around us—visible or invisible—has been created by God. The universe is a marvel indeed. Countless planets, stars, comets, asteroids, galaxies, black holes and other unknown objects populate this seemingly endless universe.       

            The wonders of our God cannot be measured, but not anyone is able to see them, or appreciate them. Those that do not know Christ cannot appreciate the things of God, because their spirit is dead. Not even the most supernatural miracle can impress an atheist or unbeliever. This is the tragic “life” of unbelievers. They can see and smell the roses, but they are blind in regards to the roses’ Creator. Sensuality is not always defined by sins that are erotic in nature. A sensual person is one that lives according to his senses and does not go beyond them to discover the reality and the salvation of God.

            Only a son or a daughter of God, with a sensitive heart, can see the wonders of God. These can be great miracles of divine healing, or small details like a raindrop, or a morning dew. Nothing is too big or too small for a Christian. We know that everything comes from the hands of God.

            The wonders of God can only be observed with the eyes of faith.

            How are your spiritual eyes?                                                                                                

            Ask the Lord to open your eyes and you will be amazed when you see all the wonders of God. Life will never be the same for you. Every day, every miracle and everything that you see, smell, hear and touch, will tell you a story about our Maker.

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