Job 3      (March 11)

                                                               Two lights

            “…like an infant that never sees the light?”

            Abortion is an assassination. Yes, I know that in the United States as in many other countries abortion is a legal practice, but even so, it is murder in the first degree. In the US alone, more than one million children are brutally murdered each year legally through various forms of abortion.

            The fact that something is legal does not necessarily indicate that it is good. Pornography is legal and is classified as an “art”. The sale of alcohol is also legal and supposedly to drink is something that is considered “fun.” Satanism is legal and they have many “churches” being built to worship the devil.

            All these things are considered a sin, and abortion is also a grave sin. The Bible never mentions a “fetus,” yet it teaches us that all children are human beings, in the womb and outside the womb of their mother.

            What can I do to stop these killings? You ask yourself.

            You can:         

  1. Pray
  2. Give advice to young pregnant mothers
  3. Write to your Senator
  4. Continue praying
  5. Be prepared to adopt a child that could be aborted
  6. Pray so the children are able to see the light of the sun, and the light of Jesus.
  7. Teach God’s Word to others, so they know the truth about abortion and other things.
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