Job 2      (March 10)


            “Do you still persist in your integrity…?”

            Job was a man of integrity. He was before his calamity, and he continued to be blameless even after that terrible day. The easiest thing for him to do would have been to curse God and die (just as his wife suggested).   But he maintained his integrity and remained solid in his faith.

            His wife asked him, perhaps with sarcasm and disbelief, if he still maintained his integrity.   Her question was really an invitation to sin. At that time she hated God for everything that had happened and wanted Job to agree with her in her evil thinking. Poor and miserable indeed is the man that marries a wife such as this one.

            The world desires to see men and women of integrity. They criticize us when we walk with Christ and stand for the truth, hoping to disprove our faith. On the outside, they seem to enjoy seeing us fall into sin; on the inside; nonetheless, they are searching for our integrity and the faith that we should demonstrate.

            Why? You may ask.

            For the simple reason that we sometimes criticize the things we love or would like to have, but others seem to have them. Yes, there are quite a few detractors of Christianity, who deep in their hearts, would love to be Christians, but they won’t make the decision to follow Christ—thus they criticize—It is easier, you see.

            I pray that God makes all of his children men and women of integrity. This a God’s size project, because only He can change our lives in such a way, that the whole world will marvel at his handiwork and perhaps some of them by join us because of our example.

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