Ezra 6 (February 11)

                                                           Allow Me

            “…let the work on this house of God alone:”

            Today we will continue to talk about the work that God performs in a Christian. Until now we have observed that this work of art or “Master piece” is done at a slow pace, gradually and harassed by Satan.

            However the prime enemy of God’s work in us is our own selves. Many times we do not submit to the Lord and refuse to listen to his Word or follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. God desires to work in us or through us, but we are rebellious and disobedient.

            How is this possible?  Isn’t he our Almighty God? 

            He is, but his power thrives on love and righteousness. God does not force anyone to love Him, or arbitrarily imposes his will; even though his sovereign divine will shall always be done in our lives.  In other words: God is God, and who will prevent his eternal plan from being accomplished? No one.

            Nothing takes God by surprise. He knows everything in this universe (including man). He reigns over time and space, and there is no one or nothing outside of his control.

            If sometimes we obstruct his work of love, is because he allows it.  With much love he tolerates our rebellious nature; something he will never tolerate from the rest of the universe, including the angels.

            “I will complete my work in and through you”.

            God has promised this to us. He accomplishes his will through love, other times through circumstances and even in other occasions trough harsh discipline.

            Who are we then, to oppose the unstoppable work of God? May his will be done, amen.

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